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Research Interests

1. Laser nanoscale manufacturing and applications including the study of high resolution, large area and low cost laser nano manufacturing techniques, implementation of 2D/3D functional nano structures and their application to novel nano optoelectronic devices, and laser-controlled fabrication of nano materials and devices.

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Research Projects

Laser Nanomanufacturing:

  • Direct Cross-Scale Manufacturing by Laser Interference, National Key Basic Research Program of China (973 Program), No.2012CB326406, 2012-2014;
  • Laser Nanoscale Manufacturing (LaserNaMi), EU FP7, No.247644, 2010-2013;
  • Laser Interference Induced Electrochemical Fabrication of Semiconductor Nano Array Structures, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), No.61176002, 2012-2015;    
  • Fabrication of Micro-Nano Dual Structures by Laser Interference Lithography, Research Fund for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education of China, No.20112216110002, 2012-2014;
  • Laser Interference Nanomanufacturing, Changchun University of Science and Technology, No.129666, 2009-2012.


Robotic Nanohandling/Manufacturing:

Publication papers and Patents

  • Journal Papers

[1] Qingling Meng, Zuobin Wang*, Xiangyu Chai, Zhankun Weng, Ran Ding, and Litong Dong, “Fabrication of Hematite (α-Fe2O3) Nanoparticles Using Electrochemical Deposition”, Applied Surface Science, vol.368, pp303-308, 2016.

[2] Xiaofeng Wei*,Wenjun Li, Bojian Liang, Binglin Li, Jinjin Zhang, and Zuobin Wang*, “Surface Modification of Co-Cr-Mo Implant Alloy by Laser Interference Lithography”, Tribology International, vol.97, pp212-217, 2016.

[3] Yu Hou, Zuobin Wang*, Yaowei Hu, Dayou Li, and Renxi Qiu, “Capture and Sorting of Multiple Cells by Polarization-Controlled Three-Beam Interference”, Journal of Optics, vol.18, pp1-9, 2016.

[4] Li Li*, Zuobin Wang*, Wenjun Li, Kuiqing Peng, Ziang Zhang, Miao Yu, Zhengxun Song, Zhankun Weng*, Dapeng Wang, and Le Zhao, “Fabrication of Pt Nanowires with a Diffraction-Unlimited Feature Size by High-Threshold Lithography”, Applied Physics Letters, vol.107, pp133104-1-133104-5, 2015.

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