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欧盟FP7 ECROBOT项目启动会议在我校召开

       欧盟第七研究框架项目European and Chinese Platform for Robotics and Applications (ECROBOT, No.318971) 启动会(中方)于2013年1月9日在我校召开。ECROBOT是我校继LaserNaMi (No.247644) 和ECNANOMAN (No.269219)之后承担的第三个欧盟框架项目。

       项目由英国贝德福特(Bedfordshire)大学、英国埃塞克斯(Essex)大学、德国Hamburg大学、法国皮埃尔与玛丽-居里大学(法国巴黎第六大学,Université Pierre et Marie Curie)、意大利技术学院(FONDAZIONE ISTITUTO ITALIANO DI TECNOLOGIA),长春理工大学、天津大学、哈尔滨工业大学、中科院沈阳自动化研究所、昆山工业技术研究所共同承担。

The First CUST English Presentation Contest for Graduate Students

The First CUST English Presentation Contest for Graduate Students 

2 November 2012

Fish Break A Law Of Physics?

Silvery fish such as herring, sardine and sprat are "breaking" a basic law of physics, according to new research from the University of Bristol published today in Nature Photonics.


20 October 2012

Penn Reserchers Use Holographic Lithography To Mimic Color Of Butterfly Wings

The colors of a butterfly's wings are unusually bright and beautiful and are the result of an unusual trait; the way they reflect light is fundamentally different from how color works most of the time.


18 October 2012



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12 October 2012

Solar cells made from black silicon


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